December 11, 2023

PBS Digifest 2023: A Day of Digital Delight

Discover the vibrant world of technology and creativity at Permata Bangsa School's Digifest 2023. Organized entirely by high school students, this digital extravaganza on November 25th was a day of learning, fun, and inter-school collaboration. From engaging workshops on coding and digital design to exciting online gaming competitions, the event celebrated the power of innovation. Explore the highlights of Digifest 2023 and witness the incredible talents of the next generation of digital enthusiasts. Dive into a day that seamlessly blends education and entertainment, leaving a lasting impact on students and participants alike. Join us in commending the students for orchestrating a memorable showcase of digital brilliance!

On the 25th of November, the halls of Permata Bangsa School buzzed with excitement and innovation as students gathered for the much-anticipated Digifest 2023. Organized entirely by the creative minds of high school students, the event showcased a remarkable blend of technology, fun, and learning. It was a day when the digital realm came alive, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who attended.


A. E-Sport

Winner for SMP category  Ignoreded Team (Dominico Savio)

Winner for SMA category Perjalanan Nathssy Team

B. Young Learners Competition

DIGITAL COLOURING (A Category-Playgroup and Preschool)

Juara 1. Helgia Riswar

Juara 2. Micha Felicia G


Juara 1. M.Hilmi Al Ayyubi

Juara 2. Safa Ivana Benita S


Juara 1. Riznatantra Ghani D

Juara 2. Anthony Shane T

Student-Led Success:

The standout feature of this year’s Digifest was undoubtedly the commendable effort put forth by PBS high school students in organizing the event. Their dedication and hard work shone through every aspect, from planning to execution. 

A Day of Fun and Learning:

The Digifest was a day of digital exploration and a fun-filled extravaganza. Various workshops provided hands-on experiences for attendees, covering topics ranging from coding and digital design to online gaming strategies. These sessions allowed students to delve into the fascinating world of technology, sparking curiosity and inspiring future innovators.

Digital Art Galore:

Creativity knew no bounds at Digifest, with activities like digital coloring and poster-making taking center stage. Students unleashed their artistic flair using digital tools, turning blank screens into vibrant masterpieces. The event highlighted the potential of digital art in fostering self-expression and showcasing the students’ unique perspectives.

Inter-School Collaboration:

Permata Bangsa School opened its doors to students from other schools, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. This inter-school participation added an extra layer of diversity to the event, allowing students to exchange ideas and learn from one another. It was a testament to the power of collective creativity and the importance of sharing knowledge in the digital age.

Online Gaming Excitement:

For the gamers among us, Digifest offered an adrenaline-packed experience with online gaming competitions. In strategic battles, participants engaged in friendly competition, showcasing their skills and sportsmanship. The gaming segment added an interactive and competitive dimension to the event, appealing to various interests.


Permata Bangsa School’s Digifest 2023 was more than just a one-day event—it celebrated digital creativity, innovation, and collaboration. The commendable effort of high school students in organizing the event ensured its success, creating an environment where learning and fun seamlessly intersected. As we reflect on this day of digital delight, it’s evident that Digifest has become a platform for students to showcase their talents, share their passion for technology, and inspire the next generation of digital enthusiasts. Well done to all involved, making Digifest 2023 a memorable and enriching experience!