Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message October 2023

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. As we embark on this new academic term, I am thrilled to share some exciting news and updates from Permata Bangsa School.

First and foremost, I am pleased to inform you that all the preparations for our move to the new campus have gone according to schedule. We eagerly anticipate the beginning of the upcoming term in our new and improved facilities. Our new campus promises to provide an enriched learning environment for our students, with state-of-the-art classrooms and enhanced resources to support their growth and development.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we are delighted to announce that starting this term, we will introduce a wider range of extracurricular activities for our students. Among these exciting additions is the inclusion of coding classes. Coding is an essential skill in today’s digital age, and we are committed to equipping our students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Additionally, as part of our commitment to providing a holistic education, we plan to commence swimming lessons before the wet weather arrives. Swimming promotes physical fitness and enhances water safety skills, which are important life skills for our students.

Please visit our school’s website to review our revised vision and mission statements. These statements reflect our unwavering dedication to providing a high-quality education that fosters character development, critical thinking, and a love for lifelong learning.

Regarding our annual Halloween celebration, we are currently in the planning stages. Due to the significant move to our new campus, this year’s Halloween event may be smaller in scale. However, we are committed to ensuring that it remains a fun and memorable experience for our students while prioritizing their safety and well-being.

We look forward to a fantastic year filled with growth, learning, and exciting experiences. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our school administration or your child’s teachers.

Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education. Together, we will continue to nurture the potential of our students and provide them with the tools they need to excel academically and personally.


PBS Team

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