Preschool B

Preschool B: Discover, Play, Learn – The Early Years Way

Preschool B at Permata Bangsa School is where your child’s magical learning journey begins. Here, we focus on fostering a love for learning through playful and engaging activities, all within an English-speaking environment.

Creative Learning: Emphasizing art, music, and storytelling to develop language and cognitive skills.

English Literacy Focus: Strong emphasis on literacy, preparing children for primary education in an English-speaking environment.

Cultural Awareness: Integrating Indonesian traditions with a global perspective.

Program Features:

Developmental Milestones: Concentrating on social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

Fun, Safe Learning Spaces: Where kids can explore and grow with confidence.

Community Connection: Building relationships between school, home, and the wider world.

kids and juniors cooking at school in semarang

Come and join us!

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