Preschool (Kindergarten) at Permata Bangsa School

Welcome to Permata Bangsa School’s Kindergarten program! Here, we embark on an exciting journey where your child’s early education takes a leap into a world filled with learning and growth. Our approach nurtures each child’s individual potential, preparing them for the next stages of their academic journey

Why Choose Our Kindergarten:

Curriculum: Focused on foundational academic concepts in math, literacy, and social skills, tailored to foster a love for English language learning.

Qualified Educators: Our team consists of certified teachers specializing in early childhood education, dedicated to inspiring young minds.

Environment: A vibrant and positive space that encourages exploration and curiosity.

Cultural Integration: While emphasizing English literacy, we incorporate aspects of Indonesian and family culture to create a well-rounded learning experience.

kinder garden playgroup

Special Features:

children library school

– Holistic Development: Focusing on cognitive, social, and emotional growth.
– Play-Based Learning: Engaging activities that make learning enjoyable and meaningful.
– Community Engagement: Strong collaboration with families and the local community.

Contact & Enrollment Information: HERE