Vision & Mission



Being an international education center that produces individuals with character, quality, and global competitiveness while prioritizing local wisdom."


Character, Esteem, Excellence


  1. Providing a high-quality education emphasising academics, critical skills, social skills, and strong character.
  2. Promoting excellent academic achievement by developing a curriculum focusing on concept, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
  3. Nurturing students’ strong character, ethics and moral values ​​to shape responsible individuals with integrity.
  4. Building leadership, creativity and innovation skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world.
  5. Expanding global insight through international exchange programs, collaboration with foreign institutions, and studying global issues-oriented subjects.


  1. Creating graduates with solid character, including ethics, moral values, responsibility, and high integrity.
  2. Creating graduates with high academic quality enables them to compete in the global market.
  3. Creating graduates with critical skills and analytical thinking capable of understanding and meeting complex challenges.
  4. Creating graduates with social and practical communication skills to engage well in a diverse global environment.
  5. Creating graduates with creativity and innovation skills to cope with an ever-changing world.
  6. Creating graduates who understand global issues and can play a role in the global community.
  7. Creating graduates who have leadership skills so they are qualified to lead effectively in the future.