Winners of Permata Bangsa School Digifest 2023 showcasing their achievement in a group photo
PBS Digifest 2023: A Day of Digital Delight

Discover the vibrant world of technology and creativity at Permata Bangsa School's Digifest 2023. Organized entirely by high school students, this digital extravaganza on November 25th was a day of learning, fun, and inter-school collaboration. From engaging workshops on coding and digital design to exciting online gaming competitions, the event celebrated the power of innovation. Explore the highlights of Digifest 2023 and witness the incredible talents of the next generation of digital enthusiasts. Dive into a day that seamlessly blends education and entertainment, leaving a lasting impact on students and participants alike. Join us in commending the students for orchestrating a memorable showcase of digital brilliance!

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Permata Bangsa Primary Students enjoy their day at dairyland
Permata Bangsa School Primary Students Explore Dairyland: A Day of Learning and Fun

Recently, the primary students of Permata Bangsa School embarked on an educational adventure to Dairyland, and the experience was nothing short of delightful. Boarding the spacious Udinus bus, the young scholars were excited as they set out for a day of exploration and learning. Once at the dairy farm, the students had the unique opportunity…

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Talent and Interest Assessment
ABM 2023 grade 12

On Monday, November 20, 2023, students of the twelfth grade at SMA Permata Bangsa took part in the Talent and Interest Assessment organized by the Education Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment Agency of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemenristekdikti). The assessment was conducted online in the ICT room. This assessment aims to assist…

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