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A group of students from Permata Bangsa School Semarang perform on stage, showcasing their diverse talents and creativity.

A Showcase at Permata Bangsa School Semarang

At Permata Bangsa School in Semarang, we believe in celebrating the diverse talents and skills of our students. That’s why we recently organized an exciting event right here on our campus – a showcase of student works. The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation as students eagerly prepared to present their creations to an audience of…

Two Permata Bangsa students and teacher Ms. Indri engaging in a lively discussion on live TV, reflecting the school's commitment to academic excellence and cultural heritage.

LIVE TV – Join Permata Bangsa Now

Are you considering a school that not only nurtures academic excellence but also fosters holistic development? Look no further than Permata Bangsa School! 🌟 Join us as we delve into a recent highlight: our students’ appearance on live TV, accompanied by our esteemed teacher, Ms. Indri. In a recent televised discussion, two exceptional students from…