Extra Curricular

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School years are one of the best opportunities you will ever
get to explore new activities, try different things, and see what you’re
passionate about. Inside the classroom and outside of it, you’ll start to get a
better idea of who you are and what drives you. 
Permata Bangsa offers a growing selection of extracurricular activities
(free and fee based). Extra activities can be added at anytime during the year
if there is enough interest. 
Learn new skills – Boost academic performance – Broader social skills – Improved time management –  Impress universities – Make new friends – Have FUN!  

Hip Hop




Science Club

Computer Club

Hip Hop Dance
Always the crowd pleaser.
From TK until SMA, the hip hop dance class has always been a favourite of our Permata Bangsa students.
Our end of year party and awards night, the dance club brings something new and exciting with each event.
Hip Hop is teamwork, coordination, stamina, memory commitment and most of all – it’s Great FUN !

Break Boredom – Break Boards !
Professional TaeKwonDo masters teach students starting from a young age the skills of the Martial Arts.
Trust, cooperation, teamwork, respect, fitness, stamina, coordination.
A artform that is taught throughout the world. Martial Arts keep both the mind and the body in peak fitness. 

Discover and create
In our ever changing world, robotics is  intertwined with our daily life more and more. 
Robotics isn’t just great fun, students absorb coding
program skills and is suitable for children aged 5 and above. Robotics aims to
educate and equip students with essential skills in Science, Technology,
Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) to become tomorrows inventors and innovators.

Who does’t like pizza and brownies ?
Perhaps our most popular activity is cooking. Students are encouraged from a young age to learn that good nutrition and and coming together with food can be great and tasty fun.
Cooking classes are conducted in a very safe controlled professional kitchen with qualified instructor chefs, experienced with teaching young children to adults.
Safety, teamwork, sharing, culture and great fun !

Science Club
It’s not only for nerds !
We all love science class, but there is never enough time to chck out that mosquito wing under a microscope or mix a potion over a bunsen burner.
Our SD, SMP and SMA students with the help of science club can get in that extra study and use equipment that we don’t have at home.
Fun projects ensure students are entertained while learning.

Computer Club
Who doesn’t like computers ?
Permata Bangsa runs two computer clubs.One for young learners grade 1-6 and one for older learners grade 7-12.
Computer club is a self paced, project based teacher assisted club. Activites are fun and the skills learnt while having fun, will be lifelong skills that will be used in the future.