Foreign Students


Semarang 25th
October 2017 Number :

RE : Foreign Student Documentation

Dear Parents,
  As per Indonesian government regulations, Every school in Indonesia is required to keep up to date student records
for foreign students studying in Indonesia.
The documentation required for each student is :

Copy of
students KITAS and Passport. This must be a color scan that can also be emailed
to us
 A new copy/email scan of the KITAS must be
resubmitted to us each time it is renewed. 

Copy of
Parent KITAS (visa) and Passport. This must be a color scan that can also be
emailed to us A new copy/email scan of the KITAS must be
resubmitted to us each time either one is renewed. 
from parent that the student will not work while studying in Indonesia. We have
prepared a preformatted statement that you can download from
This document will also be required to be resubmitted each year. A current Rp
10,000 seal/stamp is required on this form (available
for purchase from administration). 

Letter (usually for parent) that they shall be financially responsible for
their student. This document can be downloaded from HERE and is required to be updated yearly as per KITAS renewal. A Rp 10,000
stamp/seal is required on this letter. 

Request to
the Ministry of education for permission to study in Indonesia. Download from HERE 

passport photograph 4x3cm. Renewable each time KITAS is renewed. 
from School – Permata Bangsa School shall prepare this for you and supply you
with a copy. 
previous school report/transcript (No translation to Indonesian is required) 

Copy of
foreigner registration to local police (Surat Tanda Melaporkan Diri STMD)

If you need assistance with preparing these documents,
please do not hesitate to contact our admin staff or have your staff contact us
on your behalf.  We also keep blank
copied at administration for you if required. The above PDF forms can be filled
in on your computer then printed.   
Please note that this documentation is kept in our safe using a chain of custody system and is destroyed under supervision of
management when required. Previous
documents are destroyed once updated documents are received. Digital copied are
kept within encrypted folders whose access is only possible by management. This
data shredded using the German VSITR algorithm on
deletion. Under no circumstances do we divulge your information to any persons other than
on supervised inspection by The Department of Education and The
Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs.
National and dual citizenship students are exempt from the above listed documents/regulations. 
If your student is a duel citizen (Indonesian and other) please provide a scan of
the “ Kartu Fasilitas Keimigrasian (Affidavit) “ OR the “Surat Keterangan Anak
Berkewaganegaraan Ganda” from the Dinas Kependudukan Dan Pencatatan Sipil
(Civil Registry Births Deaths and Marriages)
Thank you for your cooperation.
  Yours SincerelyShane I. Thacker Director, Permata Bangsa Global Education